Steel Door Guards

Constructed to Keep Trouble Out!

Steel Door Guards

Door Guards

Deter Thieves with Steel!

Vacant Property Security


Door Design Helps Make Prying Open the Door Very Difficult.

Leasing Steel Door Security

Professionally Installed

Local Small Business Owners Ready to Serve Your Needs!

  • There are a lot of ways to lock a door, but are you truly keeping your vacant investment safe with dead bolts or pad locks?

  • National Steel Guard can also work with you to engineer a solution for odd sized doors. We create our products from scratch. From our on-site engineers to our manufacturing facility, we can handle your door guard needs!

  • Our doors guards are solid. They have a unique 3 point locking system that holds the door shut for those you want kept out.

  • Our doors also have a wraparound guard for the hinges, to keep that extra crafty thief from trying to pry the hinges off.

  • We have all seen vacant homes with the deadbolts or padlocks removed, or the plywood chopped up to create an opening. Plywood also warps in the weather, making it easier to get in. It offers a very minimum level of protection from vandals.
  • With National Steel Guard Door Guard Products, you get safety and security, protecting your investment from a multitude of problems.

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